Communication around the house Malkovského 602

The priority of the Letňany lentils project is to move cars from the courtyards towards the edge of the housing estate. There should be continuous green and leisure areas between the houses, which should not be unnecessarily divided by roads and parking lots.

The same approach as, for example, in connection with Kuželová Street was chosen for the solution of a dead-end street leading to the rear garages of the Malkovského 602 house (former service house).

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Fountain in Krausova street

During the preparation of the documentation for land management (DUR), many limitations are revealed that could not be identified during the creation of the architectural study. For example, it was only during direct negotiations with Avia that a request was made to change the Fontána lentil on the new square in Krausova Street near Žabka. Here, the project had to be changed only in the last phase of DUR preparation.

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The future of Malkovsky’s rampart

The rampart in Malkovského Street is an important part of the Letňanská lentilka project. In the first version of the study, the architects proposed to build a green parking lot in its place, which will reduce the lack of parking spaces and at the same time increase the quality of greenery towards Tupolevova Street. The rampart has been the subject of much discussion among the inhabitants, however, no decision has been made yet and the future of the rampart is still open.

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Jan Mikulecký: The referendum in 2014 will decide on the wall in Malkovský

Val Malkovského has been the subject of interesting discussions in recent weeks. Many citizens spoke in favor of maintaining the rampart, others in favor of a possible car park. The only truly transparent way to choose a future option is the Malkovsky Referendum 2014. Continue reading “Jan Mikulecký: The referendum in 2014 will decide on the wall in Malkovský”

Malkovsky dog space

The empty space between Tupolevova Street and Malkovského Wall will be used as a dog meadow. The city district has land leased for 20 years. Land owner CPI Byty a.s. agrees with the implementation of the plan. After the holidays, the Letňany dogs will have another option for a paddock and other activities on an area of more than 2,000 m2. Continue reading “Malkovsky dog space”

Stage 6: Val remains, parking lot in Bahok

The management of the town hall began to discuss again the several-year-old plan to revitalize Bahok, which includes the expansion of retail space for existing and new entrepreneurs, parking spaces and other options. Small establishments next to the Fryčovická stop now include restaurants, shops, workshops and warehouses. The basis for more efficient use of Bahok was laid years ago, when a simple study was prepared on the possibilities of developing this building. Now this discussion is on the table again, because the need for parking is obvious in this area and, moreover, the current entrepreneurs in Bahok are calling for its development. Continue reading “Stage 6: Val remains, parking lot in Bahok”

Lentilek schedule: how will the streets be closed?

HarmonogramThe lenses started. Work is in full swing and everyone in the housing estate may feel certain limitations. Especially drivers, for whom several streets will be temporarily closed due to the construction of new parking spaces and a new surface. However, the Skanska construction company must respect a number of conditions and must not close all roads at once. For the entire period of implementation will still be available min. 70 parking spaces in Jančova, Ivančická or Místecká streets (part of the affected area is only Místecká 567-569 including the car park). Continue reading “Lentilek schedule: how will the streets be closed?”

How I didn’t want to cut down maples

Being an environmental councilor is a very ungrateful role. You are either the enemy of all trees, who wants to cut everything down and destroy everything, or an eco-terrorist protecting every nettle. There is nothing in between. Whatever you do, everything is wrong. If you protect the greenery, you are wondering why you are hindering the development of the village and you are marked as a backslider and a green lunatic. If you cut down even one tree, you immediately face the opinion that this tree has stood there for 50 years and all our children and their parents and parents have climbed it … No explanation about the need to restore greenery, about the perspective of trees. Simply no argument is acceptable. If you want to hit a dog, you will always find a stick. Continue reading “How I didn’t want to cut down maples”

Front gardens and sidewalks in Místecká and Malkovského

Fandíme fialováLetňanské lentilky have been prepared from the very beginning with the great support of the inhabitants of the housing estate. Since the first presentation in September 2011, the project has been under public discussion and people can directly influence the appearance of their surroundings. Kuželova Street, Místecká or Malkovského are arranged within Lentilek as their inhabitants wished. Of course, the much-discussed front gardens remain and will be full of flowers and new shrubs. Continue reading “Front gardens and sidewalks in Místecká and Malkovského”

Current schedule of Lentilky

Harmonogram LL I 140531Letňany lentils are not an exceptional building that differs from others. Some activities go slower, others faster. In Ivančická we discovered panels under the grass. Next to Místecká 448, where a new car park is already open, there were again problems with sewerage. These are standard unpredictable issues that are addressed on every construction site. Click on the side image to see the current schedule valid at the end of May.