Communication around the house Malkovského 602

The priority of the Letňany lentils project is to move cars from the courtyards towards the edge of the housing estate. There should be continuous green and leisure areas between the houses, which should not be unnecessarily divided by roads and parking lots.

The same approach as, for example, in connection with Kuželová Street was chosen for the solution of a dead-end street leading to the rear garages of the Malkovského 602 house (former service house).

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Fountain in Krausova street

During the preparation of the documentation for land management (DUR), many limitations are revealed that could not be identified during the creation of the architectural study. For example, it was only during direct negotiations with Avia that a request was made to change the Fontána lentil on the new square in Krausova Street near Žabka. Here, the project had to be changed only in the last phase of DUR preparation.

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RSŽP Commission: possibility to participate in negotiations on Lentilky

At each meeting of the Commission for the Regeneration of Settlements and the Environment, the current status of the Letná lentilka project is discussed. Even though the meeting of the commission is not public by law, we offer citizens the opportunity to participate and discuss the project together. The dates for 3-4Q 2012 are tentatively set at: 5/9, 10/10, 7/11 and 5/12.

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Phasing of Lentils

Current version of Lentilek phasing

2012 – 2014

Phase No. 1 includes the reconstruction of Jančová Street, this reconstruction will increase the parking spaces along the street and it will be possible to use the parking area at the intersection of Místecká, Nýdecká, Krausova for other purposes. It also includes the abolition of Kuželova Street, which will be replaced by access areas to the houses. Continue reading “Phasing of Lentils”

Poll about a dog playground in Místecká

In the Místecká 448-451 and Malkovského 602 houses, a survey was launched about the dog playground, which is planned as part of the Letňany lentils. You have the opportunity to express your positive or negative opinion directly in the houses or here in the comments section below the article. The survey will run until the end of August 2012, and if most people who live in these houses do not agree with the dog playground, the bag will be changed.

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The future of Malkovsky’s rampart

The rampart in Malkovského Street is an important part of the Letňanská lentilka project. In the first version of the study, the architects proposed to build a green parking lot in its place, which will reduce the lack of parking spaces and at the same time increase the quality of greenery towards Tupolevova Street. The rampart has been the subject of much discussion among the inhabitants, however, no decision has been made yet and the future of the rampart is still open.

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What will be the place of the dog lentil?

During the holidays, a survey was held on a dog lentil in Místecká Street, more here. People from some of the addressed entrances expressed their views in a reasonable way. Since the beginning of the project, Councilor Jan Mikulecký has always and everywhere presented the residents of the housing estate with their views on Lentilky. The survey is a very good way to get information about the opinion on the matter, and therefore a big thank you goes to Mrs. Obleserová, who organized it for the affected entrances. Continue reading “What will be the place of the dog lentil?”

The rampart in Malkovského Street is awaiting further renovation

The noise barrier between Malkovského and Veselská and Tupolevova streets, respectively, is approximately five hundred meters long, was built together with the construction of the Avia II housing estate in 1985, a year later it was planted with trees and shrubs. Continue reading “The rampart in Malkovského Street is awaiting further renovation”