Fountain in Krausova street

During the preparation of the documentation for land management (DUR), many limitations are revealed that could not be identified during the creation of the architectural study. For example, it was only during direct negotiations with Avia that a request was made to change the Fontána lentil on the new square in Krausova Street near Žabka. Here, the project had to be changed only in the last phase of DUR preparation.

The fountain was planned together with a resting lentil at the house Malkovského 602 – Žabka and was supposed to be approximately in a place where today there is almost unmaintained greenery and unnecessary asphalt areas. The original size was about 15 x 9 m and the fountain was next to the nursing home (DPS).

During negotiations with Avia, which owns the hot water line in the housing estate, a request arose to change the position of the water spar. The basic reason was a possible accident or repair of the line, during which the fountain would have to break and be rebuilt.

The designers responded to this logical and justified request by changing the size of both lentils and their position. Newly, the rest lentil will be closer to the PCB. The fountain will be reduced to approximately 10 x 6 m and placed closer to Žabka. The communication around the house Malkovského 602 remains in the same form as described here.