Lentilky stage 9: Snake trail Fryčovická

The popular project of Letňany lentils will be extended to another part of the housing estate. So far, Lentilky has ended on Křivoklátská Street, however, other parts of the housing estate also need renovation. The surroundings of the Fryčovická primary school have been partially revitalized, a sports field has been built, and a dog meadow is very popular in the southern part. On the right side of the school, however, is a space that has not been maintained for many years.

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Malkovsky dog space

The empty space between Tupolevova Street and Malkovského Wall will be used as a dog meadow. The city district has land leased for 20 years. Land owner CPI Byty a.s. agrees with the implementation of the plan. After the holidays, the Letňany dogs will have another option for a paddock and other activities on an area of more than 2,000 m2. Continue reading “Malkovsky dog space”

Stage 6: Val remains, parking lot in Bahok

The management of the town hall began to discuss again the several-year-old plan to revitalize Bahok, which includes the expansion of retail space for existing and new entrepreneurs, parking spaces and other options. Small establishments next to the Fryčovická stop now include restaurants, shops, workshops and warehouses. The basis for more efficient use of Bahok was laid years ago, when a simple study was prepared on the possibilities of developing this building. Now this discussion is on the table again, because the need for parking is obvious in this area and, moreover, the current entrepreneurs in Bahok are calling for its development. Continue reading “Stage 6: Val remains, parking lot in Bahok”

Atrium of Fryčovická Elementary School

During the summer holidays of 2013, the atrium in the Fryčovická primary school will be completely changed. Following an agreement with the construction company JUMAR, which will carry out the work as a sponsorship gift, the old asphalt will be removed and the schoolchildren will now spend breaks on the green grass. Part of the fixed area will remain for occasional school events, a few meters of new sidewalks will be added. The current greenery will be completely reclaimed. Continue reading “Atrium of Fryčovická Elementary School”

Parter of Tupolevova Elementary School

The Tupolev Elementary School is separated from the prefabricated houses by a park on the north side. The focus of the public space is the asphalt area in front of the main entrance to the building, from which pedestrian paths branch: to the bus stop, to the houses and to the park. The place looks empty and unused. School start time is over. There is nothing to attract people and get their attention. The task for the architects was to find a new identity for this place, which would attract people and create a functioning urban space. Continue reading “Parter of Tupolevova Elementary School”

The RSŽP commission is maximally transparent

Seminar SVJ 3 120222The Commission for the Regeneration of Housing Estates and the Environment is the most transparent commission of the Letňany self-government. From the very beginning, its chairman Jan Mikulecký, councilor for the regeneration of housing estates and the environment, prefers openness and as much space for discussion as possible. Continue reading “The RSŽP commission is maximally transparent”

Parking in the housing estate is problematic, says representative Jan Mikulecký

Autor: Jan Mikulecký
Autor: Jan Mikulecký

The ongoing reconstruction of the Avia heating pipeline has shown one fundamental thing. “There are a number of unused parking spaces in Letňany. Cars can be parked elsewhere than directly at the house,” offers councilor and deputy Jan Mikulecký other options. Where the excavation work was going on, the cars had to go away, but they had to park somewhere. Maybe it was 50 meters away and the drivers had to sacrifice to walk the few meters on foot. It is not so far from Ivančická to Nýdecká. However, for a lazy driver, it is much more convenient to park at an intersection or crossing.

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Letňany lentils will be next year


The revitalization project of the former Avia housing estate is nearing completion. The first phase of Lentilek has all zoning decisions and building permits, and subsidies of CZK 27,000,000 from European funds have been prepared. A tender for a supplier is currently underway and construction should begin in March. If everything goes according to plan, the first phase of Letňany lentils will be completed in October 2014.

The next phases of Lentilek will include the reconstruction of Bahok and the creation of parking areas, the completion of the revitalization of the courtyard at the Malkovského kindergarten and the landscaping in Nýdecká and Jablunkovská streets. A separate stage of Letňany lentils is the Fryčovická Snake Trail, which will run along the western side of the primary school of the same name. Letňany’s budget does not allow such high investments, and therefore all phases of the project will be financed from the European Structural Funds.

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Thanks to the representatives of SVJ

Dear representatives of SVJ,

in recent years, the Letňany housing estate has changed significantly. Many houses have dressed for the new facade this year and have new elevators. None of this would have been possible without your efforts. Renovation of houses is very demanding and complex and in many respects it is an underappreciated job. Thanks to you, however, Letňany is more attractive and modern every year.

The City Hall of the Prague 18 District is working intensively on the Letňany lentils project, which this year received a subsidy of CZK 27,000,000. The implementation is planned for this year and we all believe that in the autumn of 2014, the first phase of Letňany lentils will become a reality. Further phases are being prepared, which should again be funded by European funds.

A huge thank you, however, belongs to you, without whom Letňany would not have so many houses with a new look. Your work in the role of SVJ representatives is a huge contribution to the renewal of our housing estate.

I wish you a lot of well-being, happiness and energy until 2014.

Jan Mikulecký, councilor for housing regeneration and the environment