Thanks to the representatives of SVJ

Dear representatives of SVJ,

in recent years, the Letňany housing estate has changed significantly. Many houses have dressed for the new facade this year and have new elevators. None of this would have been possible without your efforts. Renovation of houses is very demanding and complex and in many respects it is an underappreciated job. Thanks to you, however, Letňany is more attractive and modern every year.

The City Hall of the Prague 18 District is working intensively on the Letňany lentils project, which this year received a subsidy of CZK 27,000,000. The implementation is planned for this year and we all believe that in the autumn of 2014, the first phase of Letňany lentils will become a reality. Further phases are being prepared, which should again be funded by European funds.

A huge thank you, however, belongs to you, without whom Letňany would not have so many houses with a new look. Your work in the role of SVJ representatives is a huge contribution to the renewal of our housing estate.

I wish you a lot of well-being, happiness and energy until 2014.

Jan Mikulecký, councilor for housing regeneration and the environment