The future of parking in Krausova street

The Letňanská lentilka project will significantly interfere with the parking system in the housing estate. After the completion of all 8 stages, about 140 will be added. During the gradual implementation of individual stages, the balance of parking spaces will always be positive, ie. that there will be no loss of parking spaces that would not be replaced in the vicinity as part of the construction of an already completed, identical or immediately following stage.

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Agreement on land 789/4

Since the beginning of 2012, several negotiations have taken place with Tereos TTD, which owns plot 789/4. For the Lentilek project, it is necessary to ensure consent with the zoning and construction management of the owners of all land on which the project will be implemented. According to the location of the land, it is clear that it is essential for the whole project.

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Parking variants Místecká x Krausova

One of the basic benefits of the Letňany lentils project is an increase in the number of parking spaces. Every original panel housing estate from the 70’s and 80’s has a lack of parking spaces, and therefore this issue is much discussed during the project preparation. Designers are looking for literally every meter that could be used as a parking space.

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Communication around the house Malkovského 602

The priority of the Letňany lentils project is to move cars from the courtyards towards the edge of the housing estate. There should be continuous green and leisure areas between the houses, which should not be unnecessarily divided by roads and parking lots.

The same approach as, for example, in connection with Kuželová Street was chosen for the solution of a dead-end street leading to the rear garages of the Malkovského 602 house (former service house).

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Fountain in Krausova street

During the preparation of the documentation for land management (DUR), many limitations are revealed that could not be identified during the creation of the architectural study. For example, it was only during direct negotiations with Avia that a request was made to change the Fontána lentil on the new square in Krausova Street near Žabka. Here, the project had to be changed only in the last phase of DUR preparation.

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Poll about a dog playground in Místecká

In the Místecká 448-451 and Malkovského 602 houses, a survey was launched about the dog playground, which is planned as part of the Letňany lentils. You have the opportunity to express your positive or negative opinion directly in the houses or here in the comments section below the article. The survey will run until the end of August 2012, and if most people who live in these houses do not agree with the dog playground, the bag will be changed.

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What will be the place of the dog lentil?

During the holidays, a survey was held on a dog lentil in Místecká Street, more here. People from some of the addressed entrances expressed their views in a reasonable way. Since the beginning of the project, Councilor Jan Mikulecký has always and everywhere presented the residents of the housing estate with their views on Lentilky. The survey is a very good way to get information about the opinion on the matter, and therefore a big thank you goes to Mrs. Obleserová, who organized it for the affected entrances. Continue reading “What will be the place of the dog lentil?”

Parking at Místecká 567-569

Councilor Jan Mikulecký organized a meeting in April 2012 with representatives of SVJ Místecká 567-569, where parking was one of the topics. Representatives of SVJ expressed support for one of the variants that change the axis of the parking lot, more here. The change of the axis was only conditionally approved by the Police of the Czech Republic, and as part of other project works, trips to Místecká Street were assessed in detail. The police of the Czech Republic issued a final opinion that the axis of the car park in front of the house must be preserved. Continue reading “Parking at Místecká 567-569”

The housing estate will be ZONE 30

Zona30As part of the Letňanská lentilka project, traffic in the housing estate will also change significantly. New parking spaces have been added for drivers and road surfaces have changed. Some crossings have been modified to protect pedestrians. Traffic calming is achieved by retarders and other deceleration elements. The Lentilek housing estate is now ZONE 30. What does this mean for drivers? Continue reading “The housing estate will be ZONE 30”

Municipal compost – modern waste treatment

compost_heart-wwwToday’s society is consumer and this is reflected in the amount of municipal waste produced. As the consumption of each person is constantly growing, the amount of waste is also increasing in direct proportion. The volume of waste that ends up in landfills can be reduced by sorting, recycling and biological treatment. While colored containers for paper, glass and plastics are used for sorting and recycling on the streets, we still have considerable reserves in the field of biowaste. It is the area of biological treatment that enables the efficient processing of biodegradable waste (BRO), which accounts for almost half of the total volume of municipal waste. Continue reading “Municipal compost – modern waste treatment”