Open parking in Místecká

WP_20140823_008The parking lot in front of Místecká 567-569 has been completely reconstructed and is ready for the onslaught of cars. The Krausova x Místecká x Nýdecká crossroads received a new surface. In addition, 9 completely new parking spaces were created between Nýdecká and Jablunkovská streets. After the opening of parking in Jančová Street and the addition of spaces in Ivančická, the residents of the housing estate have other new parking spaces. In addition to playgrounds and greenery, smarties bring more parking. Continue reading “Open parking in Místecká”

Why are there concrete benches on the lentils?

LavickyHoupaciThe first lentil with swings was opened and immediately the children eagerly threw themselves on it. Their parents also go to them with lentils, and especially mothers and grandmothers immediately started discussing why the benches only have a concrete surface finish and they seem cold. Why don’t the benches have wooden cushions? The reason is simple: in winter and on cold evenings, those who do not want on the benches will study. Continue reading “Why are there concrete benches on the lentils?”

The housing estate will be ZONE 30

Zona30As part of the Letňanská lentilka project, traffic in the housing estate will also change significantly. New parking spaces have been added for drivers and road surfaces have changed. Some crossings have been modified to protect pedestrians. Traffic calming is achieved by retarders and other deceleration elements. The Lentilek housing estate is now ZONE 30. What does this mean for drivers? Continue reading “The housing estate will be ZONE 30”

Vacancies in kindergartens

Skolky06-14Despite the fact that this website is dedicated to the Letňany lentils project, we would like to inform our parents in this way about the state of fullness of kindergartens. Not only did it manage to place all Letňany children from the age of 3 in kindergartens, but there are still vacancies in the Beranov kindergarten. The conditions are simple: min. 3 years and permanent residence in Letňany. You can get more information directly in the kindergarten or at the school department at the town hall. Hurry up. Continue reading “Vacancies in kindergartens”

Lentil questions and answers

Fandíme modráThe lentils are almost over. We solve minor finishing touches, defects and shortcomings. The only major unfinished thing is a tartan on an orange lentil. We have been waiting for 2 months for the manufacturer to reset the line to a special orange color. The finishing process will take a few more weeks, but the biggest construction work is behind us. In recent days, we have answered a number of general questions that will surely interest you. In addition to the comments below each article, you can ask using the form below, send an email or call. Questions and answers are on a separate Q&A page.

Letňany lentils changed the housing estate

WP_20140921_006The foundation of the Letňany lentils project was laid at the end of 2010, when the architects were given the first assignment to revitalize the old Prague housing estate. The Letňanská lentilka project does not address the reconstruction of prefabricated houses, but the complete regeneration of courtyard plots, the creation of leisure areas and the solution to the lack of parking. The concept of public space solutions is inspired by lentils, which symbolize playfulness, color, fun, adventure, activity and at the same time are clearly identifiable. They represent exactly what Letňany lacked in the old housing estate. Lentils represent individual areas with specific use for social life, relaxation, sports and play. Continue reading “Letňany lentils changed the housing estate”

Representatives evaluate Lentilky: Oldřich Miffek

Letňany lentils are the largest project since 1990, which the city has been implementing. The previous one was the transformation of the Old Village. It is a pity that during the preparation of Lentilek, probably no one realized that it would be good to build on the experience gained during the construction on Stará Návsa. The project was entrusted on behalf of the district to one person who moves around it from the preparation of the project until its complete completion. At least that was not reasonable. Continue reading “Representatives evaluate Lentilky: Oldřich Miffek”

Representatives evaluate Lentilky: Honza Mikulecký

We completely changed the housing estate. 4 years of work are a reality today. New playgrounds, more parking, full of greenery… Lentils are finished in the first phase and the old housing estate is now a modern place to live. My 4 years with Lentilky brought me a huge life experience. Continue reading “Representatives evaluate Lentilky: Honza Mikulecký”