The future of parking in Krausova street

The Letňanská lentilka project will significantly interfere with the parking system in the housing estate. After the completion of all 8 stages, about 140 will be added. During the gradual implementation of individual stages, the balance of parking spaces will always be positive, ie. that there will be no loss of parking spaces that would not be replaced in the vicinity as part of the construction of an already completed, identical or immediately following stage.

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Agreement on land 789/4

Since the beginning of 2012, several negotiations have taken place with Tereos TTD, which owns plot 789/4. For the Lentilek project, it is necessary to ensure consent with the zoning and construction management of the owners of all land on which the project will be implemented. According to the location of the land, it is clear that it is essential for the whole project.

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Parking variants Místecká x Krausova

One of the basic benefits of the Letňany lentils project is an increase in the number of parking spaces. Every original panel housing estate from the 70’s and 80’s has a lack of parking spaces, and therefore this issue is much discussed during the project preparation. Designers are looking for literally every meter that could be used as a parking space.

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The future of Malkovsky’s rampart

The rampart in Malkovského Street is an important part of the Letňanská lentilka project. In the first version of the study, the architects proposed to build a green parking lot in its place, which will reduce the lack of parking spaces and at the same time increase the quality of greenery towards Tupolevova Street. The rampart has been the subject of much discussion among the inhabitants, however, no decision has been made yet and the future of the rampart is still open.

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Parking in Ivančická: change according to the requirements of the inhabitants

Residents from Ivančická Street sent comments on parking spaces in front of their house as part of the zoning procedure. Primarily based on the requirement of SVJ 581, the current state will be maintained, where there are only longitudinal parking spaces. Vertical places will not be realized on either side of the street. Despite this change, the balance of parking spaces in the first 3 stages is still positive, ie. in total there will be more parking options than at present.

Parking at Místecká 567-569

Councilor Jan Mikulecký organized a meeting in April 2012 with representatives of SVJ Místecká 567-569, where parking was one of the topics. Representatives of SVJ expressed support for one of the variants that change the axis of the parking lot, more here. The change of the axis was only conditionally approved by the Police of the Czech Republic, and as part of other project works, trips to Místecká Street were assessed in detail. The police of the Czech Republic issued a final opinion that the axis of the car park in front of the house must be preserved. Continue reading “Parking at Místecká 567-569”

Stage 6: Val remains, parking lot in Bahok

The management of the town hall began to discuss again the several-year-old plan to revitalize Bahok, which includes the expansion of retail space for existing and new entrepreneurs, parking spaces and other options. Small establishments next to the Fryčovická stop now include restaurants, shops, workshops and warehouses. The basis for more efficient use of Bahok was laid years ago, when a simple study was prepared on the possibilities of developing this building. Now this discussion is on the table again, because the need for parking is obvious in this area and, moreover, the current entrepreneurs in Bahok are calling for its development. Continue reading “Stage 6: Val remains, parking lot in Bahok”

Letňany lentils will be next year


The revitalization project of the former Avia housing estate is nearing completion. The first phase of Lentilek has all zoning decisions and building permits, and subsidies of CZK 27,000,000 from European funds have been prepared. A tender for a supplier is currently underway and construction should begin in March. If everything goes according to plan, the first phase of Letňany lentils will be completed in October 2014.

The next phases of Lentilek will include the reconstruction of Bahok and the creation of parking areas, the completion of the revitalization of the courtyard at the Malkovského kindergarten and the landscaping in Nýdecká and Jablunkovská streets. A separate stage of Letňany lentils is the Fryčovická Snake Trail, which will run along the western side of the primary school of the same name. Letňany’s budget does not allow such high investments, and therefore all phases of the project will be financed from the European Structural Funds.

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Lentilek schedule: how will the streets be closed?

HarmonogramThe lenses started. Work is in full swing and everyone in the housing estate may feel certain limitations. Especially drivers, for whom several streets will be temporarily closed due to the construction of new parking spaces and a new surface. However, the Skanska construction company must respect a number of conditions and must not close all roads at once. For the entire period of implementation will still be available min. 70 parking spaces in Jančova, Ivančická or Místecká streets (part of the affected area is only Místecká 567-569 including the car park). Continue reading “Lentilek schedule: how will the streets be closed?”