Malkovsky dog space

The empty space between Tupolevova Street and Malkovského Wall will be used as a dog meadow. The city district has land leased for 20 years. Land owner CPI Byty a.s. agrees with the implementation of the plan. After the holidays, the Letňany dogs will have another option for a paddock and other activities on an area of more than 2,000 m2. Continue reading “Malkovsky dog space”

Parter of Tupolevova Elementary School

The Tupolev Elementary School is separated from the prefabricated houses by a park on the north side. The focus of the public space is the asphalt area in front of the main entrance to the building, from which pedestrian paths branch: to the bus stop, to the houses and to the park. The place looks empty and unused. School start time is over. There is nothing to attract people and get their attention. The task for the architects was to find a new identity for this place, which would attract people and create a functioning urban space. Continue reading “Parter of Tupolevova Elementary School”