The RSŽP commission is headed by Jan Mikulecký, a representative

At its meeting on 24/11/2011, the Prague 18 City Council decided to establish a Commission for the Regeneration of Housing Estates and the Environment. One of the main goals of the commission is to restore the housing estate as a whole. I will primarily work on the transfer of CPI / BPT land to the municipality, on the regeneration of green areas, on the transformation of asphalted land into playgrounds, the restoration of sidewalks and roads and other tasks that will result in the modern housing estate Letňany. The tasks of the commission will include the preparation of revitalization projects, the processing of documents for negotiations with developers and landowners, and cooperation with the commission of territorial development and construction.

Councilor Jan Mikulecký adds to the establishment of the commission: “In addition to the regeneration of the housing estate, the commission will address issues of environmental protection and creation, nature and landscape protection, water and air protection, care for urban greenery and waste management.”

The Commission is an advisory body of the City Council and is chaired by the Chairman, who is the Deputy and Councilor Jan Mikulecký. The commission has another 4 members from the ranks of Letňany citizens: Mrs. Martina Machová, pi. Jitka Lepiarzová, Mr. Jan Fišar and Mr. Pavel Filípek. Proof of the maximum transparency of the commission’s activities was, among other things, the public call for participation in the commission. Here, the Council freed itself from political keys and agreements and nominated a majority of members based on their ideas and desire to work on the restoration of the housing estate.

Despite the fact that the commission addresses the above-mentioned environmental issues, the basis of its activities is the regeneration of a neglected housing estate, Mikulecký added. For this reason, suggestions and helpful ideas concerning the former Avia housing estate (Fryčovická, Ivančická, Krausova, Křivoklátská, Kuželova, Malkovského, Místecká, Nýdecká, Rýmařovská and Tupolevova) are especially welcome.

The Commission meets once a month, and even though the Commission’s meetings are not public, it is possible to request participation at any time. Just write an email to Minutes of the meeting, information on the work of the commission and other items under discussion are available on the website

Objectives of the commission for the regeneration of housing estates and the environment


  1. Prepare conceptual steps and projects for the regeneration of the Letňany housing estate and participate in their implementation.
  2. Enforce measures that will lead to:
    1. increase of green and leisure areas,
    2. sustainable development of transport,
    3. environmental protection,
    4. higher quality of cleaning and order.
  3. Present the opinions and activities of the commission in a transparent manner.
  4. To increase the awareness of the citizens of Letňany about the protection of the environment and the intentions of the Council and the Assembly in this area.
The scope of activities of the commission for the regeneration of housing estates and the environment
  1. To propose to the Council of the Prague 18 District (hereinafter also the Council) procedures and provision of conceptual materials for plans in the area of ​​regeneration of housing estates and the environment.
  2. Discuss and recommend to the Council the elaboration of spatial planning documents and documentation on the territory of the Prague 18 district.
  3. Recommend opinions to the Council on the preparation of spatial planning documentation and on proposals for site stopping conditions.
  4. To comment on planned and implemented projects and events in the field of construction, which extends into the housing estate.
  5. Cooperate in the preparation of forward-looking and short-term lists of investment projects and measures in the field of regeneration of housing estates and the environment.
  6. To express itself for the needs of the Prague 18 District for the felling of woody plants which do not demonstrably suffer from infectious diseases and whose condition does not endanger life or health or does not threaten large-scale damage.
  7. To submit to the Council proposals for the application of the municipal interest in the administration of the property of the Prague 18 district.
  8. To recommend to the Council and the Office of the City of Prague 18 the adoption of opinions on draft legal regulations within their competence.
  9. To comment on tenders in the field of housing regeneration and the environment.
  10. To submit to the Council proposals for the compilation or amendment of the budget of the Prague City District within its competence.
  11. To recommend to the Council the announcement of a grant program in the field of regeneration of housing estates and the environment, including thematic determination, and to evaluate grant applications and submit them to the Council for a decision with an opinion.
  12. Check and draw attention to shortcomings in the field of environmental protection, appearance and cleanliness in Letňany.


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