Jablunkovská in Letňany will have a new surface, announces representative Mikulecký

Autor: Jan Mikulecký
Autor: Jan Mikulecký

Jablunkovská Street was also included in the sidewalk reconstruction plan this year. The current pavement surface, including the base, should be removed and replaced with modern interlocking paving. Continue reading “Jablunkovská in Letňany will have a new surface, announces representative Mikulecký”

Letňany lentils again …

WP_20140808_035… yes, Letňany lentils again. Everything has already been said and written, but somehow I can’t help myself … I have them under the windows every day and I walk around them, so again Letňanské lentilky. Continue reading “Letňany lentils again …”

Will we appreciate lentil greens?

10685538_739710326101607_8906152291668637253_nThe first phase of the revitalization of the housing estate is in the finish line and I would allow myself a little thought from the position of technical supervision for greenery. Like any change in public space, this one was accompanied by a lot of controversy, struggles for every bit of greenery, confrontation of the opinions of the citizens who live here, with the opinions of architects, builders, gardeners and arborists. Today, the Internet and social networks allow everyone to express their opinion not only on the overall concept of the project, but also on literally every tree, bench or trash can. Continue reading “Will we appreciate lentil greens?”

Representatives evaluate Lentilky: Jiří Streit

The project of transforming the northern part of Letňany in such a breadth (volume of finances) is not remembered by Letňany, but it certainly deserves this investment. The goal set by the town hall was to make everyday life more pleasant and better for citizens living in the former Avia housing estate, to complete the missing facilities of this part of the village, to completely remove concrete and asphalt sidewalks, and to drastically improve greenery. I am convinced that this part of Letňany needed a new “coat”. Mothers with children should be most pleased with the transformation – great emphasis was placed on this within the project.
Continue reading “Representatives evaluate Lentilky: Jiří Streit”