Letňany lentils again …

WP_20140808_035… yes, Letňany lentils again. Everything has already been said and written, but somehow I can’t help myself … I have them under the windows every day and I walk around them, so again Letňanské lentilky.

Vision and reality

When I first learned about the upcoming project of Letňany lentils, I flew through it briefly and I must say that everything seemed nice to me. Revitalization, renovation of unused areas, color, diversity of individual lentils, overall benefit for the gray “Avai” housing estate … I admit that at that moment I stopped paying more attention to this project, watched the construction process and looked forward to the result. Now I see him, and although it would be possible to use the old familiar “every general is after the battle” towards me …, I must say that I was expecting something completely different.


Lentils cross with children

As a parent of two teenagers attending the second grade of elementary school, I wanted to find out how smarties stand up in practice and took my children on a tour of smarties.


On the purple reinforcement lentil, I had to explain to the children, first of all, that the concrete curbs around the perimeter are not intended for running and jumping, but that they should really sit on it and therefore that their feet do not belong. I reaped an astonished expression that I didn’t even pause too much. The children read the instructions and tried exercises that were at least a little clear to them, interrupting where they had reached. After a while, we set off. At the yellow lentil with the pyramid, they only lamented where the popular swings with the slide had probably disappeared.


Under the promise of swings on a red lentil, we headed towards Ivančická. Five swings of three types! According to my branches, only one usable … Rocking “nets”, which are easier to fall than to climb into them, and two kind of “balance trainers”, for which you can’t talk too much about swinging.


Along the prefabricated houses in Malkovského Street, we got into its bend and found an orange lentil, which, due to the size of the three slides in the middle, is probably intended for the youngest children. This concrete hybrid was quite popular with children and they kept up at a high pace to chase around its perimeter and jump over concrete “plugs” and weave between “tentacles” of the same material. However, I must admit that for younger children, I would be a little worried on this “playground” about what will happen. It didn’t happen … Uf.


We just missed the chess lentil and the green all-metal resting place and I will leave them without comment. I am happy to be surprised by the success they meet in the warmer months. I want to believe that at least chess will find its supporters.


We ended the journey on a blue lentil, where we joined the boys digging at the gate and here I finally saw the classic joyful glint in the eyes of my children … The blue lentil is really a playground.


I did not expect that something similar to the project of the courtyard in Chlebovická would appear in this part of the Letňany housing estate, but why are we installing new reinforced concrete elements in the reinforced concrete housing estate? Where are the slides, wooden “climbing frames”, where should the mother go with the pram to sit down and “release” her branch to the sandpit?


What next?

Yes, I know, after the battle every general is … but I am not a general and the settlement of “Letňany lentils” is not a battlefield, it is a place for our life, the environment in which we live.


As your representative, I can no longer be inattentive, and that is why I want to have a factual discussion over Letňany lentils, from which – within the project and funds allocated for its implementation – a result will emerge that will make life more pleasant, humanized and cozy .

Lukáš Wencl

Deputy for the Movement for Prague

602 179 648, LWencl@seznam.cz

3 thoughts on “Letňany lentils again …”

  1. “…Jako váš zastupitel již nepozorný být nemohu…” Škoda, že jste byl nepozorný jako občan, kterého se tento projekt bezprostředně dotýkal.

  2. ……a tady jsem konečně viděl ten klasický radostný záblesk v očích mých dětí… Modrá lentilka je skutečně hřiště………Skutečné hřiště vypadá jinak nez to modrý monstrum co vyrostlo u domu Místecká 452.Líbilo by se Vám toto hřiště , kdyby to postavili před váš vchod a pod okna vašeho bytu ???? Myslím, že ne!!!!!
    Taktéž ani mě se toto nelíbí!!!!

  3. projekt lentilek je pěkný.jako každý má nějaké chyby .jen doufám, že to tímto neskončí abudou se provádět dál spolu s rozšířením lesoparku ,rprovedením rozhledny a také opravy chodníkůve starých letňanech !

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