Jan Mikulecký: The expansion of Tesco will not affect the environment

In the open space between the Kika department store and Tupolevova Street, the construction of a car showroom and McDonald’s restaurant will begin in the coming months. According to the statement of the Department of Environmental Protection of the City of Prague, the construction will not significantly affect the environment in Letňany if the measures proposed by the investor are implemented. Jan Mikulecký further stated about this.

The construction is situated on vacant land that is not used for agricultural activity and forms the last vacant area determined in accordance with the zoning plan for commercial construction. “The construction of this area will complete the construction of the entire shopping complex,” says Jan Mikulecký, Letňany’s representative.

The increase in emissions due to increased traffic will be minimal, as will the increase in noise levels, which is expected to be in the order of tenths of dB. “In the nearby blocks of flats, there will be a slight decrease in the overall noise level, because the sound from cars will be shielded by the construction of new buildings,” points out Jan Mikulecký, Letňany’s representative. parking lot divided by planted trees for every 5 parking spaces.

Completion of the construction will revitalize the entire area between the commercial zone and Tupolevova Street. “Most of the mentioned area will change from a muddy area to green, which the Letňany people will be able to use in the same way as the existing park near Tesco,” added Jan Mikulecký, Letňany’s representative.