Jan Mikulecký: Will trucks drive through the ground squirrel? The Letňany council said: NO!

At its meeting on 19/4/2012, the Prague 18 Letňany District Council expressed a fundamental disagreement with the new exhibition in the vicinity of Letňany Airport. “At the end of March, the City of Prague launched an investigation procedure pursuant to Act 101/2001 Coll., In which the environmental impacts resulting from the construction of the Kbely Housing Complex, which should be built next year on the south side of the airport, representative of Letňany.

In the notification of the construction plan, the investor states that “… the main entrance / exit of VJ1 to the main construction site is in the north-eastern corner of the construction site, it is connected to a dirt road used as a truck arrival for the construction site”. This statement and the attached picture are confirmed by the fact that trucks with concrete and other building materials are to run in the protection zone of the Letňany Airport National Natural Monument throughout the construction period. “There is a real risk that heavy freight transport will significantly disrupt the sysla habitat, which is a protected animal and has the highest population in Letňany in the Czech Republic. In addition, trucks carrying construction waste Letňany, where it would undoubtedly worsen the already dense traffic, as well as the quality of life and the environment with a considerable amount of noise and dust, “said Jan Mikulecký, representative of Letňany.

Letňany councilors are interested in business development and are ready to support it, however, the environment and the quality of life of people must always be taken into account. “In the given situation, the management of Letňany City Hall defended itself against the negative impacts described above and calls for the whole project to be subjected to the so-called large EIE, which would assess and subsequently establish initial conditions for such transport solutions that do not burden the citizens of Letňany or , “said Jan Mikulecký, representative of Letňany. The Council is ready to use all possibilities already within the investigation procedure in order to prevent the imminent devastation of the natural monument and the threat to the population of the Letňany ground squirrel.

“It is surprising that usually active ecological associations and their representatives, who sometimes loudly fight for the protection of our ground squirrel, are now quiet and have no comments on the project,” added Jan Mikulecký, Letňany’s representative.