Lentilky stage 9: Snake trail Fryčovická

The popular project of Letňany lentils will be extended to another part of the housing estate. So far, Lentilky has ended on Křivoklátská Street, however, other parts of the housing estate also need renovation. The surroundings of the Fryčovická primary school have been partially revitalized, a sports field has been built, and a dog meadow is very popular in the southern part. On the right side of the school, however, is a space that has not been maintained for many years.

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Atrium of Fryčovická Elementary School

During the summer holidays of 2013, the atrium in the Fryčovická primary school will be completely changed. Following an agreement with the construction company JUMAR, which will carry out the work as a sponsorship gift, the old asphalt will be removed and the schoolchildren will now spend breaks on the green grass. Part of the fixed area will remain for occasional school events, a few meters of new sidewalks will be added. The current greenery will be completely reclaimed. Continue reading “Atrium of Fryčovická Elementary School”

Parter of Tupolevova Elementary School

The Tupolev Elementary School is separated from the prefabricated houses by a park on the north side. The focus of the public space is the asphalt area in front of the main entrance to the building, from which pedestrian paths branch: to the bus stop, to the houses and to the park. The place looks empty and unused. School start time is over. There is nothing to attract people and get their attention. The task for the architects was to find a new identity for this place, which would attract people and create a functioning urban space. Continue reading “Parter of Tupolevova Elementary School”

Councilor Mikulecký invited the children to ride around Lentilky

WP_20140610_004The construction of Letňany lentils is in full swing. Representative Jan Mikulecký agreed with Skanska on a program for children from Malkovského kindergarten. On Tuesday, June 10, they looked directly at the building. Skanska prepared an open day for them, so preschoolers had fun all morning. In addition to competitions, where children won a lot of gifts, the greatest interest was in the excavator or truck Tatra. The boys and girls looked into the cabin and “dredged” a bit. “They are already looking forward to having a new playground and swings that the Lentils will bring them after the holidays,” says Jan Mikulecký, deputy and councilor of the Prague 18 district. Continue reading “Councilor Mikulecký invited the children to ride around Lentilky”

Municipal compost – modern waste treatment

compost_heart-wwwToday’s society is consumer and this is reflected in the amount of municipal waste produced. As the consumption of each person is constantly growing, the amount of waste is also increasing in direct proportion. The volume of waste that ends up in landfills can be reduced by sorting, recycling and biological treatment. While colored containers for paper, glass and plastics are used for sorting and recycling on the streets, we still have considerable reserves in the field of biowaste. It is the area of biological treatment that enables the efficient processing of biodegradable waste (BRO), which accounts for almost half of the total volume of municipal waste. Continue reading “Municipal compost – modern waste treatment”