Poll about a dog playground in Místecká

In the Místecká 448-451 and Malkovského 602 houses, a survey was launched about the dog playground, which is planned as part of the Letňany lentils. You have the opportunity to express your positive or negative opinion directly in the houses or here in the comments section below the article. The survey will run until the end of August 2012, and if most people who live in these houses do not agree with the dog playground, the bag will be changed.

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What will be the place of the dog lentil?

During the holidays, a survey was held on a dog lentil in Místecká Street, more here. People from some of the addressed entrances expressed their views in a reasonable way. Since the beginning of the project, Councilor Jan Mikulecký has always and everywhere presented the residents of the housing estate with their views on Lentilky. The survey is a very good way to get information about the opinion on the matter, and therefore a big thank you goes to Mrs. Obleserová, who organized it for the affected entrances. Continue reading “What will be the place of the dog lentil?”

Letňany lentils will be next year


The revitalization project of the former Avia housing estate is nearing completion. The first phase of Lentilek has all zoning decisions and building permits, and subsidies of CZK 27,000,000 from European funds have been prepared. A tender for a supplier is currently underway and construction should begin in March. If everything goes according to plan, the first phase of Letňany lentils will be completed in October 2014.

The next phases of Lentilek will include the reconstruction of Bahok and the creation of parking areas, the completion of the revitalization of the courtyard at the Malkovského kindergarten and the landscaping in Nýdecká and Jablunkovská streets. A separate stage of Letňany lentils is the Fryčovická Snake Trail, which will run along the western side of the primary school of the same name. Letňany’s budget does not allow such high investments, and therefore all phases of the project will be financed from the European Structural Funds.

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Lentilek schedule: how will the streets be closed?

HarmonogramThe lenses started. Work is in full swing and everyone in the housing estate may feel certain limitations. Especially drivers, for whom several streets will be temporarily closed due to the construction of new parking spaces and a new surface. However, the Skanska construction company must respect a number of conditions and must not close all roads at once. For the entire period of implementation will still be available min. 70 parking spaces in Jančova, Ivančická or Místecká streets (part of the affected area is only Místecká 567-569 including the car park). Continue reading “Lentilek schedule: how will the streets be closed?”

It took a long time, but the rocking lighter is here!

WP_20140808_035The first lentil is open and the children immediately pounced on it. Behind Ivančická Street near Malkovského Kindergarten, little boys and girls can try out new red swings. The lentil has a safe soft tartan surface and all playing elements are certified according to the valid legislation. There is still no lawn around, but it will be established as soon as the great heat subsides. Lentilka replaced 800 m2 of old concrete playground.

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Current schedule of Lentilek

WP_20140808_050Construction is still in full swing to be completed in the fall. A rocking lantern was opened behind the house in Ivančická Street. Parking in the part of Jančová street is available, work is being done on the new square near Žabka. Kuželova Street and part of Malkovského in the courtyard with the house Místecká 448 – 453 have disappeared. The pyramid is already standing, but a fence will still be built, so it is not yet open to children. Work is also continuing on the sports lentil in Místecká, where the basics can already be seen. Continue reading “Current schedule of Lentilek”

When will we destroy the Lentils?

WP_20140808_008The lentils are gradually being completed – a rocking lentil was opened at the beginning of August and more will be added in the near future. Lentils usually replaced hundreds of square meters of old asphalt playgrounds and concrete sandpits. Thus, new elements are gradually emerging in the housing estate that have not been here so far. Of course, new playgrounds, swings, slides and fitness machines will also attract vandals. How long will it last us? Continue reading “When will we destroy the Lentils?”

Why are there concrete benches on the lentils?

LavickyHoupaciThe first lentil with swings was opened and immediately the children eagerly threw themselves on it. Their parents also go to them with lentils, and especially mothers and grandmothers immediately started discussing why the benches only have a concrete surface finish and they seem cold. Why don’t the benches have wooden cushions? The reason is simple: in winter and on cold evenings, those who do not want on the benches will study. Continue reading “Why are there concrete benches on the lentils?”

Will Letňany lose 27 million subsidies? Representative Jan Mikulecký asks

Autor: Jan Mikulecký
Autor: Jan Mikulecký

Letňany lentils lost their zoning decision. The Supreme Administrative Court upheld the claim of SVJ Místecká 450 and said that the building authority and subsequently the City Hall. The City of Prague incorrectly issued a zoning decision in 2012. Jan Mikulecký, the responsible member of the council of the Lentilka Prague 18 district, states: “Although no one will demolish the Lentilka, tens of millions of subsidies are in danger. When Letňany loses them, all citizens will pay for it. cultural events. ” And what exactly were the objections of the protest SVJ Místecká 450? Now, five years later, this is a very interesting read. Continue reading “Will Letňany lose 27 million subsidies? Representative Jan Mikulecký asks”

Description of lanterns for land management

Lentils, which are included in phase 1-3, have been developed in greater detail for the needs of land management. From a technical point of view, they will be further developed in 2013, when the documentation for the building permit will be completed.

Anyone can comment on the appearance of smarties through comments. The specific location is still the subject of discussion, in which each of the residents of the housing estate can participate.