Lentilky stage 9: Snake trail Fryčovická

The popular project of Letňany lentils will be extended to another part of the housing estate. So far, Lentilky has ended on Křivoklátská Street, however, other parts of the housing estate also need renovation. The surroundings of the Fryčovická primary school have been partially revitalized, a sports field has been built, and a dog meadow is very popular in the southern part. On the right side of the school, however, is a space that has not been maintained for many years.

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Atrium of Fryčovická Elementary School

During the summer holidays of 2013, the atrium in the Fryčovická primary school will be completely changed. Following an agreement with the construction company JUMAR, which will carry out the work as a sponsorship gift, the old asphalt will be removed and the schoolchildren will now spend breaks on the green grass. Part of the fixed area will remain for occasional school events, a few meters of new sidewalks will be added. The current greenery will be completely reclaimed. Continue reading “Atrium of Fryčovická Elementary School”

Letňany lentils again …

WP_20140808_035… yes, Letňany lentils again. Everything has already been said and written, but somehow I can’t help myself … I have them under the windows every day and I walk around them, so again Letňanské lentilky. Continue reading “Letňany lentils again …”