Representatives evaluate Lentilky: Jiří Streit

The project of transforming the northern part of Letňany in such a breadth (volume of finances) is not remembered by Letňany, but it certainly deserves this investment. The goal set by the town hall was to make everyday life more pleasant and better for citizens living in the former Avia housing estate, to complete the missing facilities of this part of the village, to completely remove concrete and asphalt sidewalks, and to drastically improve greenery. I am convinced that this part of Letňany needed a new “coat”. Mothers with children should be most pleased with the transformation – great emphasis was placed on this within the project.

We are now just ahead of the goal of completing the lentils. From the point of view of the representative and citizen of Letňany, I gave my full support to this change. However, I must state that the project had certain shortcomings and their solution sometimes complicated the construction process. The benefit of solving partial changes was the personal involvement of employees of the city district office. In my opinion, such large-scale projects must involve significantly greater involvement of local people, both from the initial architectural study and especially during implementation. It is knowledge, an experience for the future.

However, several months of work with heavy equipment, power outages, everyday noise and the resulting constraints were necessary. It was similar – to a greater extent – during the construction of the Prague metro. However, the overall transformation of the locality, which took place thanks to the Letňanská lentilka project, will not be recognized until time has passed. I am convinced of this.

In conclusion, I would like to wish Letňany other projects of this scale, the completion of the forest park and other painful places of our otherwise beautiful village.

Jiří Streit (KSČM)
representative of the Prague 18 district

Source: Letňanské listy, October 2014