Representatives evaluate Lentilky: Ondřej Lněnička

Surely you have noticed that the section “As the deputies see it” was missing in the Letňanské listy in September. I’m almost sure there are two reasons for this.

The first is that the representatives of the political entities represented in the RMČ (ODS, ČSSD and one member from TOP 09) needed space to be able to make a self-presentation in our monthly magazines before the October elections; perhaps it could be tolerated, although the CSSD can doubt whether it was able, except for the delivery of votes, to enforce anything.

The second, much more important for me, is the fact that I wrote an article about the company Letňanská sportovně kulturní sro, which was censored on 20 August 2014 by a decision of the Editorial Board of Letňanské listy, namely Mrs. Iveta Lojková, Mr. Oldřich Miffek and Mrs. Hana Saitzová, namely under the supervision of Mgr. Ivan Kabický.

Today I will write a few lines about Letňany lentils, I don’t know if they will come out, but if you read my words, the censorship has allowed it.

There is no doubt that the Letňany housing estate needed and still needs revitalization. I have always been a supporter of it and I believed that this would be fulfilled by the implementation of the Letňany lentil project. Unfortunately, I have to use the past tense, because in the current form of Letňany lentils do not have my support. As a lawyer, I have legal reservations to this, which result from the fact that the extra work that arose (arise) on the project cannot be carried out without prior discussion (approval) in the Letňany council. I drew attention to this fact at the April (successfully), May and August (in both cases unsuccessfully) councils. Today, the council is only formally discussing changes at Letňanské lentilky, because it is voting on something that has long been done, ie what was previously approved by only one deputy, Ing. Jan Mikulecký, PhD., Who is driven by a single motive – to catch everything in the elections.

This situation is unsustainable and I believe that circumventing previous decisions of the council (approval of tender documents and concluding a contract with the winner of the public contract) will not jeopardize the previously approved subsidy and Letňany will not have to return this money.

However, the solution of this task will be performed by the newly elected representatives, who are chosen by you, and I wish them good luck, they will need it.

Ondřej Lněnička
Representative of the Prague 18 district

Source: Letňanské listy, October 2014