Letňany lentils will start in March

Fandíme modráThe first phase of the project, which includes Kuželova, Jančova, Malkovského and Místecká streets, the courtyard around Žabka and the southern part of the courtyard near Malkovského Kindergarten, has a contractor. The winner of the tender was Skanska with a price slightly exceeding CZK 40 million. Construction work is scheduled to begin in March and continue until October.

A detailed work schedule is currently being prepared and all residents will be informed about it in the coming weeks. “During the entire construction, people will receive in their mailboxes several leaflets with information about which work will currently be carried out in the vicinity of their homes. And, of course, the most up-to-date information will be on the website www.letnanskelentilky.cz, “says councilor Honza Mikulecký, who is responsible for the entire Lentilek project.

Lentilka posilovna

Temporary parking restrictions

The driver will probably feel the restrictions the most, because the complete reconstruction of the road will require their closure and restrictions on both transit and parking. However, the contractor must respect several conditions and must not close all roads at once. For the entire period of implementation will still be available min. 70 parking spaces in Jančova, Ivančická or Místecká streets (part of the affected area is only Místecká 567-569 including the car park). Only one of Jančova, Místecká and Ivančická streets can always be closed, ie. that 2 or more of the listed streets must not be closed at the same time. Access to parking spaces behind the house Malkovského č.p. 602 (plots 757 / 123-128) and the entrance to the lower garage in Malkovského 602’s house must be provided for the entire duration of the construction.

There will also be greenery

The new Lentils will also bring a significant change in the greenery. New lawns and flower beds will be created, new trees and shrubs will be planted. Experts assessed each tree in the housing estate in detail and proposed changes very sensitively to the current state. Despite the fact that a large amount of new greenery will be planted within the project, the obvious goal is to make the most of existing healthy trees and shrubs. However, felling will also occur. The vast majority will be sick or unpromising trees that have no future. All green removal will be carried out under strict professional supervision so that healthy trees and shrubs are not unnecessarily damaged.

Náměstí Žabka

Gradually, new roads, sidewalks, playgrounds and greenery will be implemented. People will be able to watch step by step how the Letňany housing estate is changing. The project management composed of the supplier, designers and representatives of the town hall will consult some details directly with the representatives of SVJ. However, it is necessary to emphasize that the concept of the project is based on a study and other documentation, which was created in the last 3 years, and it was possible to comment on it throughout. The location of parking spaces, sidewalks, playgrounds and other parts of the building is therefore unchanged. But, for example, landscaping right in front of houses will in some cases be able to influence people.

We support Lentils

The work will be carried out in such a way that the restrictions for the inhabitants are as small as possible. However, spring and summer will be demanding for the housing estate. “Like any large-scale construction, this one will be a major impact on the lives of people in the housing estate, we will limit parking and people will have to go around the construction site. However, I believe that everyone will understand, because the result will be worth it, “adds councilor Mikulecký

Fandíme modrá

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