Letňany lentils received a subsidy of CZK 27,000,000

The Capital City Council (11/6) and subsequently the council (20/6) approved the results of the call for the OPPK subsidy program 2.1. Revitalization and protection of the territory.

He received the Letňany lentils project
subsidy CZK 26,656,828.

It is a huge success, because Letňany has never received such a high subsidy from European funds. With 71 points, Lentilky was evaluated as the 3rd best project of this year’s challenge. Within the entire subsidy program, which took place in the years 2007 – 2013, this project is the fourth with the highest score.

Applications for subsidies are submitted by city districts, the capital, civic associations and other organizations. Of the applications submitted by the city districts, the Letňany lentils project is the best – it received the most points in the entire seven-year history of the OPPK program. This is clear evidence that the Lentilek project was properly and very well done and that not a single mistake was made in the preparatory work.

A huge thank you goes to all the employees of Letňany City Hall, who have participated in the project so far, to the suppliers and, of course, to the inhabitants of Letňany and the representatives of SVJ, who contributed their opinions to the overall appearance of the new housing estate.

However, this is not the end of the work. We are still halfway there. The next steps will be: select a suitable construction contractor and implement the project with a completion date of 2014-15. Work is also underway on the next stages of the project, for which subsidies will be requested again.