Phasing of Lentils

Current version of Lentilek phasing

2012 – 2014

Phase No. 1 includes the reconstruction of Jančová Street, this reconstruction will increase the parking spaces along the street and it will be possible to use the parking area at the intersection of Místecká, Nýdecká, Krausova for other purposes. It also includes the abolition of Kuželova Street, which will be replaced by access areas to the houses.

Phase No. 2 is located inside the block between Místecká and Malkovského streets. At this stage, the construction of a pilot valve is planned. This phase is conditioned by the construction of a new one
access roads to the building on plot no. 757/6 (1A).

Phase No. 3 is located inside the block between Krausová and Malkovského streets. At this stage, the construction of a new square is planned. It would be good to build this phase at the same time
with phase no. 1, because the parking capacity does not change here.

2014 – 2020

Phase No. 4 is located in the courtyard around the kindergarten. This phase does not affect the parking conditions in the area and can be implemented all at once.

Phase No. 5 includes the reconstruction of the first part of Malkovského Street due to a possible increase in parking spaces.

Phase No. 6 proposes the use of the area where the rampart is located today, more here. A large-capacity car park is proposed here for the entire housing estate, which is not the only variant of the project. This phase involves the construction of a new acoustic screen from the main street (Tupolevova).

Phase No. 7 includes the reconstruction of Krausova Street into a residential street to better adapt to the newly created square. To obtain new parking spaces, it is possible to reconstruct the first part of Malkovského Street (sloping parking spaces).

Phase No. 8 addresses the area between Nýdecká and Místecká streets.

2 thoughts on “Phasing of Lentils”

  1. Dobrý den, co se myslí fází č.8 – oblast mezi Místeckou a Nýdeckou? Neplánuje se zde výstavba domu nebo tak něco? Doufám, že zde zůstane zelená plocha!! Děkuji

    1. Fáze 8 je mezi Místeckou, Nýdeckou a Křivoklátskou ulicí. Nejedná se o oblast směrěm k Tupolevově ulici. Nemám v současnosti informace, že se by v této oblasti (fáze 8 ) plánovala jakákoli výstavba. Fáze 8 je vidět zde.

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