Transfer of CPI land in the housing estate

The district conducts negotiations with CPI, which results in a contract being prepared for the transfer or long-term lease of land inside and around the housing estate. The transferred land will be primarily intended for revitalization within the Letňanská lentilka project, which was rebuilt to the public on 15/9. Continue reading “Transfer of CPI land in the housing estate”

Minutes of the RSŽP commission

Letňany City Hall is one of the most transparent local governments in Prague. In accordance with this statement, the minutes of the settlement and environment regeneration commission are also published.

Meetings of the Council and the relevant commissions are not public, nor are the minutes of the meetings. However, transparency towards the citizens of Letňany is a priority for the town hall management, and therefore the minutes from the RSŽP commission are available in the section For download.

The future of parking in Krausova street

The Letňanská lentilka project will significantly interfere with the parking system in the housing estate. After the completion of all 8 stages, about 140 will be added. During the gradual implementation of individual stages, the balance of parking spaces will always be positive, ie. that there will be no loss of parking spaces that would not be replaced in the vicinity as part of the construction of an already completed, identical or immediately following stage.

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Jan Mikulecký: The renewal of the housing estate continues

Last year, the reconstruction of several prefabricated houses in the former AVIA housing estate was completed. The results can be seen in many houses and are due to many SVJ committees. Currently, 14 of the 75 entrances are insulated, which is not much. “However, the reconstruction will continue this year and we can expect another 10-15 entrances, which will be dressed in a new coat,” says Jan Mikulecký, representative of Letňany. Continue reading “Jan Mikulecký: The renewal of the housing estate continues”

Variant solution of Kuželova street

The change in Kuželova Street is one of the most significant brought about by the Letňanské lentilek project, which is why a meeting with SVJ Kuželova 570-579 took place on 2 April 2012. The architects prepared 3 variants, from which the representatives of the SVJ committees chose the one that would suit them best. The town hall left it up to them to choose, because all variants were technically and economically possible.

Representatives of SVJ chose variant A, which turns Kuželova Street into a green area. Access to both houses is provided by a wide sidewalk, which can be reached by car if necessary. The current parking spaces are being replaced by new spaces in Jančová Street.

Agreement on land 789/4

Since the beginning of 2012, several negotiations have taken place with Tereos TTD, which owns plot 789/4. For the Lentilek project, it is necessary to ensure consent with the zoning and construction management of the owners of all land on which the project will be implemented. According to the location of the land, it is clear that it is essential for the whole project.

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Parking variants Místecká x Krausova

One of the basic benefits of the Letňany lentils project is an increase in the number of parking spaces. Every original panel housing estate from the 70’s and 80’s has a lack of parking spaces, and therefore this issue is much discussed during the project preparation. Designers are looking for literally every meter that could be used as a parking space.

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Communication around the house Malkovského 602

The priority of the Letňany lentils project is to move cars from the courtyards towards the edge of the housing estate. There should be continuous green and leisure areas between the houses, which should not be unnecessarily divided by roads and parking lots.

The same approach as, for example, in connection with Kuželová Street was chosen for the solution of a dead-end street leading to the rear garages of the Malkovského 602 house (former service house).

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Fountain in Krausova street

During the preparation of the documentation for land management (DUR), many limitations are revealed that could not be identified during the creation of the architectural study. For example, it was only during direct negotiations with Avia that a request was made to change the Fontána lentil on the new square in Krausova Street near Žabka. Here, the project had to be changed only in the last phase of DUR preparation.

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