Transfer of CPI land in the housing estate

The district conducts negotiations with CPI, which results in a contract being prepared for the transfer or long-term lease of land inside and around the housing estate. The transferred land will be primarily intended for revitalization within the Letňanská lentilka project, which was rebuilt to the public on 15/9.

The project will also include land that is directly next to prefabricated houses. These lands are transferred by CPI to individual SVJs for a fee. Many plots of land have already been transferred to SVJ and there are others.

As of 30/4/2012 Number of SVJ
Future purchase agreement signed 40
Negotiations on a future purchase agreement between CPI and SVJ are ongoing 33
Negotiations on the sale have ended, SVJ will not buy the land 2
Total 75

More than 60% of SVJs have already bought the land or have completed negotiations and are waiting for an assembly, where it can be assumed that the transfer of land will be approved. Others are discussing the sale. The Letňanská lentilka project cannot be implemented without affecting these plots as well, and therefore the town hall prepared a proposal for the inclusion of SVJ plots.