Jan Mikulecký: Why revitalize in 2011?

  • The number of renovated houses in the housing estate is increasing. The active committees of SVJ use the last possibilities of low VAT, which will increase by 4% for construction work in 2012, which can mean hundreds of thousands of crowns. The example from SVJ Místecká 453 shows that the savings compared to the reconstruction next year is CZK 252,000:
  • Investment CZK 6,300,000 without VAT
  • VAT 2011 000 CZK (10%)
  • VAT 2012 000 CZK (14%)
  • VAT difference 000 CZK (4%)
  • Land 000 CZK (2.85%)

Note Místecká 453 is the outermost entrance to the block of flats. At the middle entrances, the investment is around 5.5 mil.

The example also shows that investing in land around houses is almost identical to saving on VAT. Some SVJs argue that they want to revitalize without buying land and instead of constructively negotiating with the CPI, they resolve litigation and lawsuits. But wouldn’t it be easier to buy the land, start revitalizing this year and save on VAT?

“Another possibility to reduce the costs of house reconstruction is to combine a project for several SVJ in one house. According to experience from Místecká or Malkovský, the savings in this case is about 10%,” adds representative Jan Mikulecký. Of course, it is much more interesting for suppliers if they do insulation or a lift for 4 entrances than for one.

However, many SVJs still do not have their own committees. The former AVIA housing estate has a total of 74 entrances and 15 of them still do not have a committee of its own inhabitants. They should take control into their own hands if they want their houses to look as nice as their neighbors. Finished entrances in Malkovského or Rýmařovská are clear proof that this is not impossible. Just want to, says Jan Mikulecký.

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