Jan Mikulecký and Milan Mikulecký: Joint statement

Due to the ongoing campaign to harm either or both of us, based on the false claim that we are brothers and that we are at least unethical in the administration of public affairs in Prague Letňany on the basis of this “kinship” relationship, we have decided to publish our birth certificates and issue this joint statement.

We both honestly declare that we are not related to any relationship. So not only are we not brothers, but we are not distant relatives either.

For the first time ever, we were introduced to each other on January 25, 2011 during a meeting with the Minister of Defense of the Czech Republic, Alexander Vondra. After our first meeting, we also agreed on a public statement that will help to mislead false information that is disseminated about us with the clear intention of reducing our social seriousness and harming our families and surroundings.

We must mark as unequivocally false the statement that, thanks to the coincidence of our surnames, the company SIT Prague a.s. from the Municipal District of Prague 18 Letňany lands of Prague Letňany Airport. The fact is that the Letňany City District has never owned any land that forms part of the Prague Letňany Airport complex, nor any other land that would be owned by SIT Prague a.s.

When negotiating all contractual as well as informal relations between SIT Prague a.s. Jan Mikulecký never took part. It should also be noted that SIT Prague as, represented by Milan Mikulecký, acquired Prague Letňany Airport at the end of 2007. Jan Mikulecký became a representative of the Prague 18 City District three years later in the municipal elections in October 2010. According to From the above, it is clear that there could be no negotiation between us in agreement.

Neither of us has the desire or time to deal with unsubstantiated defamation, which is why we are publishing this statement and only our lawyers will deal with this matter.

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