Jan Mikulecký: Krausova has new columns

In Krausova Street, cars were parked on the sidewalk towards Místecká. The sidewalk is wide in those places and people could walk around the cars, so it could be said that parking is tolerable. “There is a free space for rarity cars in the housing estate. However, cars drove to the sidewalk through the crossing, which created very dangerous situations,” points out representative Jan Mikulecký.

Unfortunately, the city police do not have many options to deal with the situation. Giving fines for wipers is not effective due to an excuse for a close person. Therefore, the town hall management decided to install posts to prevent entry. After a long time, the sidewalk is again only available for pedestrians.

Autor: Jan Mikulecký
Autor: Jan Mikulecký

The posts will be gradually installed in other places where cars are parked illegally on the sidewalk or in the countryside. By appropriate modification of traffic signs, it is possible to legalize parking spaces where cars could partially use the sidewalk, however, they can not be dangerous for pedestrians. “Landowners can turn to the Department of Transport at any time with a request to create legal parking spaces,” adds Jan Mikulecký

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