The new housing estate Letňany is represented by representative Jan Mikulecký

The Town Hall of Letňany, where Jan Mikulecký is a representative and a member of the City Council, started working a few months ago on a project to revitalize the housing estate, which is bordered by Malkovského, Křivoklátská and Ivančická streets. The project includes the complete regeneration of land between houses, the creation of leisure areas and solving the lack of parking.

The expected investment in the renovation of the housing estate is estimated at 50 – 100 million crowns, which must be applied for by the municipality this year. If the investment is approved, work will be able to begin in 2012-2013. However, in addition to funding the action, there are other areas that need to be addressed before the project can begin.


Jan Mikulecký says: “A clear condition for starting the project is the solution of the land. Regeneration of the housing estate is not possible without cooperation with CPI and individual SVJ.” Negotiations with the CPI have been ongoing since the autumn of last year, and the final version of the agreement on the transfer or long-term lease of land affected by the new housing estate project is currently being finalized.

The situation of land that is adjacent to houses is much more complicated, and their ownership is different. Representative Jan Mikulecký adds: “This concerns approximately 50 SVJs, half of which have land owned by the house. If SVJ leases its land, the city district will regenerate the land and then take care of it. ” However, it is not possible to maintain land only for selected houses. Therefore, it is necessary to address the issue of land transfer comprehensively and uniformly. This is not yet successful, as individual SVJs have different views on the ownership of these lands. Of course, the town hall cannot persuade SVJ to buy land. However, their representatives must realize that until there is agreement between the SVJ and the CPI on the land near the house, the houses will never be revitalized and there will never be playgrounds or new parking spaces in the courtyards.


Slow home revitalization

Many houses are currently being renovated, the windows are being changed, the house is being insulated and new lifts are being installed. The result of very high quality work can be seen, for example, in Nýdecká 444, Malkovského 596-8 and other houses. “The committees of these SVJs deserve praise,” says Jan Mikulecký with respect. However, the reconstruction of houses must precede the project of a new housing estate. It is not possible to regenerate the surrounding land and then build a construction site on it.

Many SVJs are still under the administration of the CPI, despite the fact that company representatives are appealing to the residents of the individual entrances to set up their own SVJ committee and start taking care of their own house. The former AVIA housing estate has a total of 74 entrances and 15 of them still do not have a committee of its own inhabitants.

Jan Mikulecký adds: “Residents of prefabricated houses should put pressure on their SVJ committees to start reconstruction work to provide them with new elevators or insulation. Finished houses in Malkovského and Nýdecká are clear proof that this is possible. Just want.”

Project of a new housing estate

Atelier MIO Architects designed a new housing estate, which prioritizes leisure activities over roads and parking. Traffic is limited only to Krausova and the surrounding streets, and inside the housing estate there are so-called lentils, which represent various active or recreational areas. Today’s roads create unnecessary barriers in various places in the housing estate, and therefore this concept eliminates some asphalt roads and combines green areas into one large one, where elements for sports and relaxation will be created. “Parking is solved along the surrounding streets and in various variants 140-180 parking spaces will be added,” sums up the issue of parking Jan Mikulecký.

“A public discussion on the project of the new housing estate will begin with a public presentation in mid-September,” promises representative Jan Mikulecký. Let us hope that a number of citizens who are directly affected by future changes will be involved.

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