3 questions for Jan Mikulecký’s Letňany representative

Our questions will be answered today by Jan Mikulecký, representative and councilor of the Prague 18 Letňany district responsible for the revitalization of the housing estate and the environment.

Mr. Mikulecký, as a new member of the council, you have become a member of the City Council. What did the first months in your new position bring you?

Jan Mikulecký: The first weeks were mainly about getting to know the operation of the town hall. Until now, I have been active in the commercial or academic spheres and have only come into contact with the state administration in a few projects for ministries. Now that I’m part of the government, I have to get used to a little different processes.

What areas are you in charge of and what will you focus on in them?

Jan Mikulecký: My competence includes the environment and regeneration of the CPI / BPT housing estate. My primary interest is now focused on the CPI intra-block plots, which we would like to revitalize. However, this must be preceded by an agreement on the transfer of land. Negotiations with the CPI are in the beginning and will not be easy. However, for us, the CPI is not a rival, but a partner with whom we want to reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial. I believe that we will succeed this year. Subsequently, we will start working on the restoration of the housing estate.

When your term ends in four years, what would you like to be left behind?

Jan Mikulecký: Unequivocally new housing estate Letňany. I will work on the development of a forest park and other green areas throughout Letňany. An important topic is also the ground squirrel, which, according to Mr. Matějů from the Nature Conservation Agency, is doing very well at the airport. Outside these areas, my goal is to continuously and transparently inform the citizens of Letňany about all activities and projects so that in 4 years, posters with 18-storey houses in Místecká Street or pictures of the highway through the forest park will not appear again.

Jan Mikulecký, deputy and councilor of the Prague 18 Letňany district, answered