Jan Mikulecký: Renovation of houses in the housing estate is in full swing

During the holidays, scaffolding appeared at a number of prefabricated houses in the former AVIA housing estate. “The houses in the whole Kuželova street will be completely new, Ivančická and Krausova will be completed soon, other insulated entrances will be added in Fryčovická, Malkovského, Nýdecká and other Letňany streets,” assumes Jan Mikulecký, Letňany representative. In the coming months, almost 20 newly renovated entrances should be added. It is mostly thermal insulation, but in some entrances the residents will also have a new elevator.

The results can already be seen in many houses and are due to many SVJ committees. It is good that more and more people do not hesitate to sacrifice their free time to make our housing estate like new. “I believe that next year more than half of the houses will be insulated and the number of houses with the original dirty facade will continue to decrease,” says Jan Mikulecký, Letňany’s representative.

Autor: Jan Mikulecky, Letnany
Autor: Jan Mikulecky, Letnany

Work is also continuing on the Letňany lentils project. You can find the most current information at www.letnanskelentilky.cz.

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