Senator Daniela Filipiová supported the Letňany lentils

Senator Daniela Filipiová expressed her support for the Letňany lentils project. The project fully respects the handicapped and therefore the senator fully supports this great change in the housing estate. Thank you.

Download: Letter from Senator Filipio

Text of the letter: On 10 October 2012, I became acquainted with the project plan “Letňanské lentilky”, for which the Municipal District of Prague 18 will submit an application for a subsidy from the OP Prague – Competitiveness. The implementation of the project will contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of local citizens, namely (with the consistent application of the Decree of the Building Act No. 398/2009 Coll.), Including persons with limited mobility and orientation. From this point of view, I consider the project to be beneficial and I support its implementation.