Why aren’t there more variants of the project?

Citizens of Letňany have the opportunity to influence the future direction of the Letňany Lentils project. There are public discussions, meetings with SVJ, surveys, etc. Lentilky is the most open Prague project for the renewal of housing estates, which is unique in its scope and at the same time a high level of publicity and communication with the public. Nevertheless, there are complaints from citizens about the limited number of options and options from which they can choose.

Within the project Lentilek, a number of variants of parking, greenery, new roads, location of lentilek, etc. are discussed. The first discussion takes place at the level of designers, technicians, landowners, construction department, police and other relevant authorities. Many variants, which are drawn on paper and look ideal at first glance, will also remain there, because they are not feasible for various reasons. The owner of the land or the lower infrastructure does not agree, the Police of the Czech Republic or another authority does not give a favorable opinion or the given variant is economically disadvantageous.

In some cases, a detailed assessment will result in only one possible option, and therefore there is nothing else to choose from. However, if there are several variants, it is the citizens of Letňany and primarily people from the housing estate who have the opportunity to decide on the future of their surroundings. Representatives of the Letňany town hall listen very carefully to all opinions and adapt the project as far as possible according to the will of the residents of the housing estate. One such example is the change in Kuželova Street.