Representative Mikulecký says: Letňanské IT will be better

Letňany achieved further success. The management of the town hall has already shown that it can use European subsidies. In addition to tens of millions for Letňanská lentilky, the insulation of the Fryčovická primary school or the reconstruction of Třinecká, the European Union will now contribute to the development of information technologies.

“Subsidies are primarily focused on projects aimed at citizens, which lead to greater transparency and more effective communication between the town hall and people,” said Jan Mikulecký, the responsible councilor.

The quality of Letňany’s projects was evaluated with a high number of points within the grant call. “Letňany missed the first place by one single point,” praises the preparation of the representative Mikulecký. However, it is much more important that there are subsidies and the inhabitants of Letňany will be given more opportunities to communicate with the office in a modern way. The projects include the development of information and communication technologies in the following areas:

• Electronic document management system

• Digitization of the Office’s archives

• Digitization of the building archive

• Electronic billboards

• Wireless connection for office staff and visitors

• SMS gateway for the possibility of sending quick information

• Mobile application

1. Application for sending information to the office – reporting a mess, etc.

2. Mobile Letňanské listy and interactive news

3. Mobile official board

4. Local map info

5. Polls, voting, referendum

The projects are designed to simplify IT management and minimize future operating and labor costs. With the implementation of projects, there will be no requirement to increase the jobs of the district office. Jan Mikulecký adds: “Mobile applications, electronic billboards and other projects will bring new technologies directly to the citizens of Letňany.”

Communication between the office and the people will be simplified and speeded up. The inhabitants of Letňany will have greater and more efficient access to current information.

Jan Mikulecký, representative and councilor of the Prague 18 Letňany district for the regeneration of housing estates and the environment

Supported projects within the support area 2.1

Interactive official boards: applicant Municipal District of Prague 1, subsidy CZK 1,006,205.73, 64.00 points

Letňany ICT 2015: applicant Městská část Praha 18: subsidy CZK 5,476,039.95, 63.00 points

E-Government services in the Prague 22 district: applicant Městská část Praha 22: subsidy CZK 2,483,615.74, 58.50 points

Development of ICT services at the Prague 20 district: applicant Městská část Praha 20, subsidy CZK 6,373,233.35, 57.00 points

Mobile application Prague 13: applicant Municipal District of Prague 13: subsidy CZK 1,711,588.55, 54.25 points

New e-Government services in Prague 17: applicant Municipal District of Prague 17: subsidy CZK 6,752,434.86, 52.75 points

Digitization of the building office archive: applicant Městská část Praha 21: subsidy CZK 3,807,757.73, 52.50 points