Current status of the grant application

The Letňanské lentilek project is applying for subsidies within the Prague Competitiveness Operational Program. The application was submitted on 29/11/2012 and is still being evaluated. The result of whether Letňanská’s subsidy application was successful will be known at the end of the school year.

The current status of the evaluation of applications accepted into the OPPK 2.1 program is as follows:

  • The expert assessment of the projects is being completed
  • Ex-ante risk assessment will follow (performed by OPPK financial managers)
  • The resulting list of projects will then be discussed in the ZHMP Committee for Informatics and European ZHMP Funds.
  • The dates of the committee are 6/5 and 6/6. The expected date of the discussion is 6/6.
  • Selected projects will be discussed and, if necessary, approved by the Hl. cities. Terms 11/6 and 18/6 are possible.
  • Subsequently, the projects are approved by the Hl. cities. The expected date is 20/6.

Update 7/5/2013: The LL project is already rated. The status of processing in the Benefit7 application is newly “The project application has been evaluated, it has reached min. point boundaries ’. The minimum point limit for projects in all areas of support is 50. The LL project therefore achieved 50 or more points. The exact point limit is not (yet) published, it will be known only with the press to the RHMP.

A project whose evaluation does not reach the minimum point limit will not be supported by the OPPK program. If the project meets the point limit of 50 points, but the financial allocation announced for the given area of ​​support is lower than the sum of financial requirements of all projects that met the point limit, then projects for which funds are not received become replacement projects.